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kyuuuucat's Journal

Sophie ^^
a.n.t farm, alex sacrow, anime, austin and ally, b1a4, being with friends, cho kyuhyun, coldplay, cutesy stuff, drama, drawing anime, ed sheeran, everything..., fluff, flute, fotc, hayao miyazaki, henry lau, high school related, hmm once again scifi, horrible bosses.., jessica warman, kyuhae fanfic ^^, learning chinese and japanese, lee donghae, listening to music, looking for korean lessons, louis tomlinson, not a disney freak, one direction, one direction video journals, ouran highschool host club, paramore, rick riordan, school, scifi, seven years in tibet, shake it up, sjm, stalking famous people, suju fanfiction in general, super junior, super junior variety shows, taylor swift, the hunger games xx, the list goes on.., totoro, trax, tumblr^^, turtles, twilight, uhhhm adventure time, wishing i could sing, ya fiction